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Daily Thought

The AA-Alive Daily Thought is sent by request at no cost to those in recovery from alcoholism, and highlights AA Conference-approved literature along with shares and thoughts from actual AA members similar to life shares in the AA Grapevine.

Daily Thought 04.25.18

April 25th 2018

Daily Thought AA Thought for the Day (courtesy April 25, 2018 Prospect When you discover a prospect for Alcoholics Anonymous, find out all you can about him. If he does not want to stop drinking, don’t waste time trying to persuade him. You may spoil a later opportunity. - Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 90 Thought to Ponder AA is not for people who need it, it's for people who want it. AA-related 'Alconym' H O L D = Helping Others Live Daily. Thanks to all of ...Continue Reading