Daily Thought 03.11.22

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Subject: Daily Thought 03.11.22
Date: March 11th 2022

AA Thought for the Day
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March 11, 2022

Emotional Insecurity
The most common symptoms of emotional insecurity are worry,
anger, self-pity, and depression. These stem from causes which
sometimes seem to be within us, and at other times to come from
without. To take inventory in this respect we ought to consider carefully
all personal relationships which bring continuous or recurring trouble.
It should be remembered that this kind of insecurity may arise
in any area where instincts are threatened..

- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, (Step Four) p. 52

Thought to Ponder
Anger is but a mask for fear.

AA-related 'Alconym'
W A S P  =   Worry, Anger, Self-Pity.

Thanks to all of you for sharing so generously of your experience, strength and hope in carrying the AA message.
Grateful to serve,

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